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Made in the USA

CPM Quality Policy

President: Steve Vick

VP Business Development: Kerry Brown

Business Development Director

Government Relations- Washington, D.C. : Leatrice Naylor

Purchasing Manager/Customer Relations: Danny Willard

Human Resources: Jamie Spry
Account Payable, Accounts Receiving

Quality Assurance Manager: Annette Boger

Plant Manager: Tony Cockerham

Production Planning: Keith Brownell

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Carolina Precision Machining
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Mocksville, NC 27028

Carolina Precision Machining 

Carolina Precision Machine (CPM) is committed to a philosophy of total customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding customer requirements and expectations. This will be accomplished by continuously improving our processes, products, services and communications and by continuously monitoring our quality objectives while providing and expecting the highest standard of ethical conduct with our employees, suppliers and customers. Our vision is to increase sales by expanding the organization’s capabilities and customer base.